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Projects > Spruce Creek End of Pipe Sampling (Spring 2009)

Very little data is available for Spruce Creek to help determine “hotspots” for bacterial contamination. Recent work under the Spruce Creek Improvement Project has revealed several stormwater outfalls that are likely contributing high bacteria levels to the Creek. Although FB Environmental will be conducting a fluorometry study (to look for optical brighteners in Spruce Creek) in the late spring of 2009 in partnership with the Spruce Creek Association, Town of Kittery and Jackson Estuarine Lab, this project had a maximum funding level of $8,000. A pre-study of water quality at the outfalls would greatly improve our chances of properly targeting select areas of the watershed as “hotspots” and helping to identify areas to focus future implementation efforts. We also need to establish better baseline water quality data so that we can show improvement over time with all of the work being done in this community.

Project Details
FB Environmental will conduct a preliminary sampling analysis at 5 high priority stormwater outfalls in Kittery.

1. Design Project & Methodology (necessary to ensure valid data).
2. Sample sites six times (preferably 3 dry weather and 3 wet weather events*) over a 2 month period (preferably April – May, 2009). Sample for E coli bacteria for all 6 samples; sample metals and nutrients 2 times (one wet, one dry - preferably). Take a simple flow measurement at each sample site.
3. Train a small group of interested local volunteers (Spruce Creek Association) to take samples (bacteria only) so that this project can be repeated in future years. This will occur at one of the final sampling events.
4. Analyze and summarize data and report to Town and partners.

Total Cost: $7,500 which includes approximately $2,300 of lab fees and related costs.

* A wet weather event is defined as .1” of precip in previous 24 hrs; .25” in previous 48 hours; 2” in previous 96 hours. A “dry” event would be any sampling taken not within those precipitation guidelines. These numbers are taken directly from the Maine statewide bacteria TMDL document which we developed with EPA and Maine DEP. The specific info relating to each storm event will be recorded (rainfall, flow). If we have a “dry” sample event with high bacteria then that location would be a top priority for finding and addressing the problem.

Sample Sites

These locations were strategically selected to help identify potential contamination sources of bacteria, nutrients and metals from stormwater runoff throughout the more heavily developed areas of the watershed. Sites HC1 and CB1 may be located at the heads of tide for their respective drainage areas, but it was difficult to make this determination due to tidal conditions during the sample collection period.

Spruce Creek End of Pipe Sampling Sites
View larger map image.

Sampling Results

May 12, 2009 End of Pipe Sampling Summary Report (PDF 914Kb)

May 29, 2009 End of Pipe Sampling Results (PDF 802Kb)

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