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In the spring of 2005 Northern Ecological Associates (NEA) was hired by the Maine State Planning Office, Maine Coastal Program to identify, evaluate, and document potential habitat and environmental restoration opportunities in, and directly adjacent to, specific areas along the southern Maine coast (including Kennebec River, Royal River, Presumpscot River, and Spruce Creek).

The primary objectives of the study were to identify potential restoration sites; screen and prioritize restoration sites; and organize restoration information into a database of potential restoration sites. In Kittery, a secondary objective was to inventory all docks and piers in the Spruce Creek system, regardless of restoration need.

The survey findings were:
18.7 miles of shoreline
- 92 sites identified
- 157 sources of degradation
- 242 examples of degraded conditions
- 87% of sites had >1 source of degradation
- Scores ranged from 0.20 to 4.10
- 9 sites had scores >/= 2.0

For the dock and pier survey, they found:
- 56 docks were identified, most of which occur south of the Route 1 road crossing.
Of these 39 were identified as potential restoration sites due to the opportunity and need for improvement.

The report's recommendations suggest that the Towns of Kittery and Eliot:
- Address dock issues
- Restore vegetated buffer
- Educate public and land owners
- Improve road crossings
- Address invasive species issues

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