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We are a group of citizens and organizations working together to provide a framework to coordinate the assessment of the Spruce Creek watershed's conditions and to implement and monitor proven management practices that support environmental and economic vitality for the communities of the Spruce Creek Watershed and adjacent areas. The Association is comprised of a broad array of participants with interest in, livelihoods around or on, or land ownership within the Spruce Creek Watershed.

Our goal is to provide stewardship for the Spruce Creek Watershed. We've got some great projects going on, as well as completed - please explore the information.

We also aim to provide education and access to resources to inform the public about restoring and protecting this beautiful and fragile body of water.

Please take some time to review this site and let us know if you would like to get involved in protecting Spruce Creek. We'd love to have you become a member!

Did you know these facts* about the Spruce Creek Watershed?

  • Spruce Creek begins its journey in Eliot where three small, unnamed brooks converge. As it enters Kittery it becomes tidal. After passing under the I-95 and Route 1 bridges, it quickly widens and flows for a full two miles, through the geographic center of Kittery, to the Piscataqua River and from there into the Gulf of Maine.
  • The Creek estuary is fed by six small fresh water streams: Wilson Creek, Fuller Brook, Hill Creek, Hutchins Creek, Crockett's Brook, and Barter's Creek. The Spruce Creek watershed drains 52% of Kittery - 9.6 of 18.5 square miles. There are five different types of freshwater wetlands found in Kittery.
  • The view into Spruce Creek from the Rte 103 Bridge has been designated by the town of Kittery as one of the top scenic feature in all of Kittery. At least three roads have been designated scenic because they look onto Spruce Creek.
  • This beautiful but fragile body of water has been identified by the state of Maine as one of the nonpoint source priority watershed due to bacterial contamination, low dissolved oxygen, toxic contamination, and compromised ability to support commercial marine resources.
  • The Spruce Creek watershed is also listed by the DEP as one of seven Coastal watersheds most at risk from development in the state.

If you'd like to support us with a donation, you can do so online or contact us:

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Kittery Trading Post is proud to host a FREE Concert Series to benefit Spruce Creek Association's Water Quality Monitoring Project!

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You can help save Kittery and Eliot's waters!Please join our project to clean up Spruce Creek's stormwater issues!

Sponsored by the Town of Kittery (in partnership with the Town of Eliot, the Spruce Creek Association, and the York County Soil and Water Conservation District), the Spruce Creek Watershed Improvment Project (Phase 3) is funded under the 319 Stormwater program of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.Project participants are working to reduce bacteria, sediment and nutrient loading into Spruce Creek by addressing a full suite of polluted runoff problems, as well as conducting community education and outreach.

To learn more about the project and opportunities to get involved, please visit www.protectkitterywaters.org.

Protect Kittery Waters


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