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Projects > Water Quality Monitoring > Summer 2005

For more information, please see the 2006 Water Quality Monitoring page.

With the help of Paul Mitnik and Malcolm Burson from the Maine DEP, in 2005, we received approval of our Spruce Creek Quality Assurance Project Plan.

Thanks to Sue Cobler for reviewing our data and providing this analysis of the 2005 findings.

The percent dissolved oxygen saturation is a good calculation of the health of the water. The oxygen holding capacity of water is a function of temperature and salinity. It is possible for water to hold >100% capacity when the input of oxygen from algae or plants is greater than the transfer of oxygen to the air.

Tidal water is classified as SA, SB, SC from best to worse. Spruce Creek is classified as SB (tidal sections) and B (non-tidal sections). In terms of  DO, the minimum standard for SB is 85% saturation at any time. The minimum standard for B is 75% saturation or 7 mg/l whichever is greater.

Spruce Creek %DO Saturation (2005)

View all of the 2005 Water Quality Monitoring Data.

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