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Projects > Tidal Restriction Removal Demonstration > Photos

Flashboard Removal
The dive team came on Sunday, November 6th, 2005 at mid-day and successfully removed the bolts and flashboards.


Before & After
One of our members lives on the upper portions of the Creek (just above I-95) and took these photos at high and low tides before and after the removal of the flashboards. Take a look at this full set of before and after pictures, too. Here are a few of the photos:

High Tide at Picott Road Before & After Removal

1. Saturday, Nov 5, 2005 (Before) Mid Incoming Tide, 10:00 am


2. Saturday, Nov 5, 2005 (Before) High Tide, 1:00 pm

3. Sunday, Nov, 6, 2005 (Before) Low Tide, 8:45 am


4. Sunday, Nov 6, 2005 (After) High Tide, 2:00 pm

5. Monday, Nov 7, 2005 (After) Low Tide, 9:00 am

6. Tuesday, Nov 8, 2005 (After) Low Tide, 10:00 am


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